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Along with learning about the multiple ways in which the APTA is supporting our profession, there is a Legislative Action Center for Therapists who are members of the APTA which show you how to become directly involved. There is also a Patient Action Center to allow your patients’ voices to be heard as well.

Often, the assumption is that since we don’t have a “vote” on Capitol Hill, we are also without a voice. Not true! In fact, beyond the efforts of DC’s own Eleanor Holmes Norton, (Rep-D), a long-standing supporter of the DCPTA, we have a unique opportunity to have national access to the policy makers that shape the laws and regulations that guide our profession and the entire healthcare of our nation! Few of us are native to DC and have family in states throughout the country. All of us can be the conduit between our families’ Senators and Representatives here on the Hill and likewise, provide accurate information to our loved ones living far away as the healthcare debate continues. I encourage all of you to take a moment and get involved. Check out theTop Issues APTA is tracking and take advantage of the Medicare Resource Center.

For more information please contact APTA at;with any questions or concerns.

DC Practice Act
The DC Practice Act is the act governing physical therapy practice in the District of Columbia

Direct Acces
Direct Access: Patient access to physical therapists' services without referral means the removal of the physician referral mandated by state law to access physical therapists' services. Forty-four (44) states and the District of Columbia have granted consumers the freedom to seek physical therapy treatment without a referral.

Take Action
Advocate for the physical therapy profession and the patients it serves. Use the following resources and opportunities to take action today! It's easy: just ask these advocates!

Make sure you join the PTeam grassroots program for updates on federal legislation including action alerts, newsletters, and information bulletins.

Health Care Reform – Get Involvedand Get in the Know


APTA offers 2 advocacy events held annually that provide information on legislative activities, the issues the profession and its patients are facing at both the state and national level, and more. These events also provide opportunity to speak to, and hear from legislators and representatives.