Knowledge and skills in practice administration are important for members whether they own a practice, direct a department, manage a facility, or practice as an employee.  Effective patient care requires clinical knowledge and understanding of issues that enable physical therapy practice and affect the delivery of care.

In the 2020 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services indicated it intends to impose an estimated 8% payment cut in 2021. Older adults rely on physical therapy and occupational therapy services to prevent and manage chronic pain, avoid surgery, and improve their overall quality of life. This cut, coupled with a series of  payment reductions in recent years, will lead to many negative consequences for American seniors and healthcare delivery system costs. We need your voice and your patients’ to help us #FightTheCut

APTA District of Columbia works closely with The Board of Physical Therapy that regulates the practice of physical therapy in DC. The Board advises the Mayor and administers and enforces the law. The Board also evaluates applicants’ qualifications, administers exams, and recommends standards and procedures.


APTADC is activelty pusuing legisaltion on the Interstate Physical Therapy Compact is being considered by the DC Council  

To qualify for the renewal of a license, two hours of LGBTQ continuing education are required.