Patient Care During COVID-19

APTADC will continue to support all DC PTs and PTAs and students by providing the most accurate information available on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our practice.

Over the past week, and especially the last few days, you have received numerous directives from Federal and Local officials. The guidance you receive from these sources remains crucial information on how to interact with your community on a personal level but continues to leave us with unanswered questions regarding professional interactions with our clients. These questions range from just making a decision on keeping a practice open to finding alternatives to in-person face-to-face patient interactions. This is especially true for those functioning independently outside of institutional, educational, or large company settings.

APTADC believes physical therapy professionals should provide in-person services only when essential to the patient’s recovery or the patient’s setting (i.e. hospital, skilled nursing facility), physical therapists should defer in-person services that are not essential, and transition to services via telehealth to the greatest extent possible.

Please visit our main COVID-19 resource page for more information.

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